“Good relationships are hard to come by,they are even harder to maintain. it’s not a rocket science,but it needs two very willing people to keep a relationship strong and glowing just like it did the first day.”

In relationship,means to get engaged with some one.The only way to get our life easily is to maintain our relationship healthy.In our daily life we met a several people,in our way,in workplace,in restaurant etc.If we could maintain a good relationship with them,our daily life became so joyful.Even with our family members,neighbor,friends we should keep a good relationship.Keeping a healthy relationship helps us to maintain our relation long lasting and also keeps our loving ones with us forever.Sometimes relationships can seem like a lot of work until you sit back and realize just how much you have been given. A thriving,healthy relationship requires some give and take ,and is absolutely within your reach if you and your partner are willing to do a bit of work.If you and your partner are right for each other,all the work will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Know that relationship can mean different things to different people-; The definition of relationship may vary from one to another.It’s not good to make a fixed definition of certain relationship.
Be responsible for your words-; Follow through on your promises.When you promise to do something with your partner, do it. Don’t blow it off or simply forget about it. What this does is systematically destroy trust. And relationship need trust in order to thrive.
Admit your mistake-; If you made mistake or hurt your partner intentionally or not feel sorry for that.Humble yourself and apologize sincerely.
Be realistic-; You should be realistic in your relationship. Review your expectation, accept that conflict happens and always ask yourself whether you’re better off in the relationship than out of it.
Be loyal-; Make sure that you will always be there for them. Give them some space,share things with them.

happiness in relationship
Trust is very important; if you don’t trust somebody there’s no point of being with them.
The first thing you should know is, find what you love about him/her, what made you fall in love with him/her. And love him/her with all your heart, treasure every moment, and treat him/her the way he/she should be treated.
Don’t change for them when you go into a relationship. They liked you for what you were then – don’t feel you have to act dramatically different. Just be comfortable.
Never be anything other than yourself around them. If you don’t show them all of you, they can’t love all of you.
Avoid flirting with others, especially previous partners. Doing so may spur romantic feelings for another.
Allow your partner to WANT to love you. Don’t pressure them into buying this and that, kissing you at this time etc Your partner has to want to do these things. It makes things more real and less of you feeling like you’re forcing them to love you.
Never cheat, if you are in a long term relationship with someone you love, it is never worth it and these things will always resurface.
Take care of yourself. Treating yourself with respect and love is as important as respecting and loving your partner.
Trying to control a situation or person will only leave you feeling out of control. Relax and let things happen organically.
Strike while the iron is cold. Know when to be reflective and invoke principles. When the house is burning is no time to teach fire safety principles.

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